The Ice Queen Palace  Moon Jellyfish  Butterfly Moon  Show Off (Green)  Aditi  Dark Oval Feather Vessel  Inhabited Vase 7.25  Perfundium  White Small Sargasso Covered Sphere with Steel Blue  Bail Money  Olivia  Rockefeller  Honey Bee  Black Large Sargasso Covered Sphere wit Avian Finial  Jump Start  Calming the Dragon  Poise  Golden Finch  Maria and the Seeds  Black Orchid  Ema  Amethyst Sage Talisman  Willie Jump  I Haven't Got a Brain, Only Straw  I Vant To Drink Your Blood  Gazer #3  Popular Demand  Safe Haven  Sage & Amethyst Austral with Ring Inclusion  Show Off (Blue)