Art Glass

Silver Queen Fine Art opened it’s door in June of 2006 representing a handful of our countries finest art glass veterans. Currently we represent three glass artists with a combined eighty years of experience. Josh Simpson, Gartner Blade and Richard Satava are known around the world for the craft and can be found in major art destination globally.

Josh Simpson Art Glass: Josh is known for his planetary paperweights but has a complete portfolio of vases, platters and stemware. You’ll find his work in every presidential collection since Rosalyn Carter commissioned him to create wine glasses for the Whitehouse. He is also found in private and public collections including the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York.

Richard Satava: Satava Art Glass Jellyfish are one of the hottest pieces we sell at the Silver Queen. Richard has been creating glass vases, vessels and paperweights for the last thirty-eight years but a visit to the Monetary Aquarium twenty four years ago inspired him to create his first jellyfish which changes his career in a major way. His ultra realistic jellyfish look amazing lit from above or with an LED light base.

Gartner & Blade: Danny Blade and Steve Gartner Art Glass is as functional as it is beautiful. Their organic vessels, urns and pendant lights will not only brighten your home but add something organic and contemporary to any collection. Their private art glass studio is located in Shellburn Falls, Massachusetts.