Bronzadermy limited edition bronze sculptures are handcrafted animal skull replicas. Each sculptures is cast in the lost wax process and finished with a hot chemical patina. Look closely and you’ll see areas highlighted by polishing back the patina, leaving the raw bronze bare. The entire Bronzadermy collection is sold exclusively at Silver Queen Fine Art and cast at RM Finishing located in Ventura, California. These signed and numbered limited edition bronze sculptures make perfect gifts for nature lovers, veterinarians or students. This collection is strong enough to display one alone or start a collection and group them together. You can choose from the following three patinas: wax brown, silver nitrate and fossil brown. The color which is applied by a patina is a chemical stain that adheres to the metal and will not fade. With the tumultuous power of fire and the enduring strength of bronze, each Bronzadermy sculpture is handcrafted to last a lifetime. These limited edition bronze sculptures are totems that serve as a reminder of the creative ingenuity of nature and the ageless struggle between life and death. Currently the collection consists of mostly North American creatures but keep your eye on our website, we may end up adding some African skulls soon. The smaller collection are limited to an edition of one hundred pieces. The larger pieces are set at an edition of fifty and are made to mount on a wall.