R. Garth

The artwork of sculptor R. Garth is strong, full of attitude, immensely time consuming and incredible detailed. R. Garth works in bronze casting and creates motorcycle-inspired pieces of art – many of which are purchased by people who enjoy the real life stories which inspired the work. Most of the people who have purcahsed R. Garth’s bronze scultures are monied, successful, educated and living sheltered lives. Some are renown individuals – like Bob Parson, founder of GoDaddy. Some are old money, like Mr. Pew of the Philadelphia Pew Charitable Trust family and the CEO at SpectiCast Entertainment, a Dartmouth man. For R. Garth, creating these bronze sculptures is about reflection on past friends and the adventures and experiences they shared – as each R. Garth piece is a collection of real-world experiences, attitude and meaning.

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