Richard Satava

Silver Queen Fine Art is thrilled to represent master glass artist, Richard Satava. Richard began his glass career in 1969 and has continually developed a signature look that is not easily duplicated. Working closely with a team of skilled assistants, Richard Satava uses ancient glass artisan techniques to mimic the look of a real ocean jellyfish in a dome of clear glass. This forty-two year journey is represented in every piece. No two Richard Satava glass jellyfish are alike, but each one is as wonderful as the sculpture that came before. The extremely life-like nature of these beautiful jellyfish sculptures thrill and impress viewers of all ages and interests. Each hand-crafted Richard Satava sculpture can be purchased and displayed with or without an LED light base. Light bases shoot a beam of bright white light (or gradually color-changing light) up through the center of the jellyfish sculpture, making it appear to come alive. When viewed in a darkened room, the light based jellyfish are much like a magical night light.

Satava Art Glass is located in the beautiful college town of Chico, California near the downtown area. The gallery often has public viewing of the working studio during the weekdays. The Gallery includes not only a great selection of Richard Satava’s best glass pieces, but also work from a wide variety of national artists including: John Cook, Donald Carlson of Carlson Art Glass, David Hopko of Soul Glass, C and H Glassworks, Laserglass Co, Tim Lazer, Lundberg Glass, Carol Silrum and many others.

If, however, you are interested in buying a piece of Richard Satava art pieces (especially one of his famous glass jellyfish), then you need to come in and visit us at Silver Queen Fine Art in downtown Park City, Utah. We’re here to help you and answer any questions you might have about your next Richard Satava art piece.