Land of OR, King Midas' favorite new book.

The Land of OR and King Midas

19 Jan 2016, Posted by silverqueen in General, King Midas' Blog, Midas
The Land of OR is an brightly colored children's book with a beautiful message and illustrations.

LandOfOrKingMidasAs my fans, you know I usually don’t travel far – typically from the glass bowl to the couch with the occasional trip to the food. But I just took two of the best journeys and didn’t even have to leave my precious couch. And met some very strange “cats” along the way! Did you know there is such a thing as a Yabbut?!?!

The first trip I took was through “Land of OR,” a new children’s book by my friend and hometown author, Katie Mullaly. As a cat, I only have to make a few decisions every day; which expensive piece of art to sleep in, who to allow to pet me and such; but this book’s message of how to make good choices is one that all of us can use. Even those of us that are already sure about what we are doing, like me. And since I don’t get out much, (why would I, the world comes to see me), the illustrations and setting of Southern Utah make me feel like I was actually there.

The second adventure I went on was through “Land of AND.” Even though it was a river trip, and you know how cats HATE water, I am so happy I took the journey. I may seem aloof at times but thanks to this book’s message of accepting others, embracing differences and including all we find, I now see that I too can be kind and less picky. With the motley crew that joined in the boat during this trip, I am ready to meet all sorts of new people during Sundance.

Now you know how finicky I am about art – I am KING of the gallery – and Toby Allen’s illustrations are, in my expert opinion, fantastic! Even though I can’t actually read, I was enthralled with his images. And with Katie’s talent of combining Dr. Seuss and Dr. Phil to create brilliant rhymes and important lessons, she made these such fun for humans to read over, and over and over again to me. Yes, I do love good stories.

These two books are just purrrfect for all ages, and apparently cats, to read and enjoy. Find out more about these first two books and how to collect your own by visiting the Land of… Children’s Books website and support local Park City artists!

Katie will be at Silver Queen Gallery on Thursday, January 28 from noon to 3pm to sign books. Proceeds from the sale will go to my favorite organization Nuzzles & Company. So come in and support local art, say hello to me (and Katie if you must) and get your first edition signed copies of these great books.

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