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02 Jan 2015, Posted by silverqueen in General
Cancer survivor Carson

We would like to give a special thank you to every one who donated to our “Anything Can Be” fundraiser in June 2014. We are very proud to announce that with your help we raised nearly eight thousand dollars to help children suffering with cancer!  “Anything Can Be” is an amazing project being funded by Millie’s Princess Foundation. Many of you already know Princess Millie but for those of you who don’t please click this link to learn more about this amazing jewel who lived a short but fruitful life in Salt Lake City. Artist Jon Diaz started “Anything Can Be” to give children the opportunity to become their fantasy removing them from the hurtful world of cancer even if only for one day.

Jon donates his time to create these amazing images which can take up to twenty hours to create. Most of the staff needed to make these photoshoots happen are volunteers. On average each shoot costs around $600 for costumes and makeup and there’s always a list of kids on the wait list. During our fundraiser six of our gallery friends donated enough to sponsor a child for their own private photoshoot. These are the images that came from their generosity.

The Anything Can Be coffee table book will be published in September of 2015. We had hoped to finish early January but there’s so many children that Jon would like to work with first. Thank you for your patience and we will be sending copies to our gallery friends when it’s released.

Cancer survivor Sophia.

Thank you Pam Kern for sponsoring Sophi.

Meet Sophi! Words cannot express how awesome Sophi truly is.  Her smile is infectious, her dance moves are awesome and she is full of light and hope!  She loves reading so Jon decided to try and make her imagination come to life through this image!

Anything Can Be Children's Cancer Non-Profit

Thank you Christy Powell for sponsoring Bre.

Meet Bre! This amazing young lady is a cancer survivor and former dancer. This photo does an excellent job of catching her spirit. Doctors have told her she might never dance again, but Bre loves proving them wrong.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 5.31.17 PM

Thank you Preston Tait for sponsoring William the Dragon slayer.

Meet William! This happy, active young man dreams of being a dragon rider someday! William has been fighting cancer with everything he has for the past three years.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 5.31.34 PM

Thank you George & Diane Bruschke for sponsoring Rae.

Meet Rae! This beautiful little girl has a big personality that reminds us to always keep a positive attitude and to dream big. Rae’s dream is to become a princes.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 5.31.55 PM

Thank you Dr Mike Powell for sponsoring Ethan.

Meet Ethan! Late last year Ethan Vanlueven lost his battle with cancer but not before his photo-shoot with J.M. Diaz with Anything Can Be. This enthusiastic and fearless boy was transformed into his wildest dreams becoming Batman by night and a doctor by day. MD.Batman rescued the terrorized citizens of Gotham with his life saving medical skills and heroic deeds. Because of Ethan’s love for life several media outlets ran stories of his courageous battle. Shortly after his passing an anonymous donor left $250,000.00 to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Ethan’s honor.

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 5.29.27 PM

Thank you Frank Ball.

Meet Caimbre! This adorable young cancer survivor is an inspiration to all of us. Caimbre has taught us that we are all stronger than we ever thought possible.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 3.15.45 PM

Meet Carson!  His dream is to be a bull rider! Battling cancer since 2012, Carson has already proved his toughness, earning himself the nickname ‘Tuff Boy.’

Check out this blog post for a behind-the-scences look at Carson’s photo.

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