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22 Nov 2014, Posted by silverqueen in General
Anything Can Be Ethan-Vanlueven

Midas cat with Crown

In April of last year a family and gallery friend contacted the gallery asking me if King Midas our Philanthropuss would host a fundraiser for a local non-profit, Millie’s Princess Foundation. After watching thier two minute Vimeo video we were fully committed to help this worthy organization.

In June we hosted a fundraiser during our 9th annual Frogman Collectors Weekend. Our lofty goal of raising six-thousand was the highest amount we’d ever set for a one-night fundraising event. With the help of our generous collectors and friends we not only met our goal but surpassed it by nearly two-thousand dollars.

During this special event six of our generous collectors sponsored a child for their own Anything Can Be photo shoot. Artist J.M. Diaz transforms each child into their wildest dreams helping them envision life beyond children’s cancer and giving them hope. The photo below was the first completed piece since the event and many more will follow. The funds from this event are going to eventually fund the publishing of the first Anything Can Be coffee table book.

Anything Can Be Ethan-Vanlueven

This year Ethan Vanlueven lost his battle with cancer but not before his photo-shoot with J.M. Diaz with Anything Can Be. This enthusiastic and fearless boy was transformed into his wildest dreams becoming Batman by night and a doctor by day. MD.Batman rescued the terrorized citizens of Gotham with his life saving medical skills and heroic deeds. A very special thank you goes out our Frogman collectors and six special sponsors who made this photo-shoot happen. Because of Ethan’s love for life several media outlets ran stories of his courageous battle. Shortly after his passing an anonymous donor left $250,000.00 to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Ethan’s honor.

Please stay tuned to our gallery blog and we’ll bring you more of the Anything Can Be photo-shoots as they are completed. Also feel free to make a donation to this worthy non-profit at the Millies Princess Foundation website.


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