Paul Messink latest artists to join the Silver Queen

28 Mar 2017, Posted by silverqueen in General

The most difficult task for an artist is developing a signature style,  different approach, or visual characteristics that help identify an artist. Something that makes a collector or enthusiast say “That’s Paul Messina’s work.” Paul has accomplished all of these. His portfolio is completely unique, his slumped glass is nothing like any other kiln glass artist I know, and every time I see his work I visualize him. His one-of-a-kind works are individual paintings on multi layers of flat glass, then slumped together in a kiln. Just one layer of glass, or painting would be insufficient but as the collective layers are assembled something magical happens. Collectively the layers become a familiar location you can only visit in your dreams. Paul’s work…

~ The Homecoming Queen ~

08 Jan 2017, Posted by silverqueen in General

Over twenty-five years ago, husband, wife, gallery owners Rick & Sara Armellini hosted a one-night, invitational, theme show that not only stood the test of time, it generated great anticipation and shameless acts of  self promotion in hopes of winning favor or catching the attention of one of only two hosts. Over the following yeas,  Zarks theme shows have become one of the “Must Attend” events during the annual Eureka Springs, May Festival of the Arts. Each year the theme would change, along with the short-list of participating artists. Rarely would invitations be given to the same artist in consecutive years, unless returning as a winner. Outside the Box, Shoes, Spectacles, For the Birds, Toys, have been themes from the past. Each year artists are given…

Something new coming to Zarks

20 Dec 2016, Posted by silverqueen in General

Over the last twenty years, the world of art retail has experienced much change, with access to the internet and easy online shopping, successful businesses have needed to stay one step ahead. We do that by introducing our clientele to hot new trends before our competitors.  Being open to change, continually offering a unique, one-of-a-kind shopping experience has been of great benefit to us. We’ve accomplished this by presenting individual pieces with a colorful story and rich history of their own.  In a world with endless options, Zarks Gallery now offers a selection of vintage, American made pocket knives and risqué ephemera, making your art curation anything but traditional. Another contributing factor of Zarks success on Spring Street, is it’s long standing relationship with a handful of internationally recognizable artists, Charles Lotton, Josh Simpson, Gartner & Blade…

Day of the Dead Amado Hasta La Muerte

31 Oct 2016, Posted by silverqueen in General

Growing up in a midwest, rural farming community in the 70’s , I didn’t have any Mexican influences. I loved Mexican food but to be honest I was a cornfed boy, I liked any kind of food. It wasn’t till my early twenties, I ventured into the “real” world and experienced latin culture. Today coast to coast, even in my central Missouri hometown, Mexican families and their traditions are celebrated by many; I think cinco de mayo had something to do with that. Day of the Dead or Amado Hasta La Muerte is a three day celebration honoring the dead, starting October 31st and ending November 2nd. Friends and family gather and pray for the spiritual journey of those that have gone before them. Silver Queen…

~ Let’s Hear it for the Girls ~ New works by Craig Davison

02 Oct 2016, Posted by silverqueen in General

We’re often asked, “Why doesn’t Craig Davison paint more girls?” Craig’s collection of “Shadow Children” have become highly collectable with diverse subject matter, but it’s true his portfolio represents more boys than girls. I could be that’s what he knew and inspires him, images of his own childhood.  If you’ve been waiting, here’s your opportunity to add one of his girl children to your collection. “Day’s of Wonder” features a a young child defending the helpless and providing justice for all. Her imagination comes to life in the background as her shadow. Thee other pieces will accompany this collection, Superman, Batman and Frankenstein. Pricing, edition size and dimensions will be available October 15th. Call today to reserve your piece, Silver Queen Fine Art will only receive 10 of each image…

Silver Queen Fine Art is Moving

30 Sep 2016, Posted by silverqueen in Gallery Favorites, General

Introducing Zarks our beautiful new gallery home, located in the Ozark Mountains. Thank you Park City and S.Q. friends for the countless, incredible memories. After ten amazing years in Old Town Park City, the time has come, for us to move forward, carrying on in a new location. Eureka! You found us in Park City; our sincerest wish is you’ll rediscover Silver Queen Fine Art in our new location, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Between now and March 28, 2017 we will be reducing selected inventory to lighten our load during the move. Don’t miss out on the chance to pick up something nice for yourself, own a piece of Silver Queen history and help us begin our new adventure.   Here’s a little history, my backstory: Shortly…

Tim Cotterill the Frogman Park City Event

30 Jul 2016, Posted by silverqueen in General

  Join Silver Queen Fine Art in Park City, Utah this September 3rd – 4th, Labor Day Weekend, for our 11th annual artist reception and show. Come celebrating the works of Tim Cotterill the Frogman and enjoy a weekend in the Unitas. Each event we’ll have light bites, beverages, door prizes and the opportunity to have an audaince with international bronze sculptor Tim Cotterill. Saturday 3rd 6-9pm  ~  Sunday 4th 11-2pm Tim will be signing sculptures, and reveling an exciting piece not yet released, you’ll be one of the first collectors to see it. In honor of this yearly even Tim has created two exclusive sculptures for Silver Queen Fine Art and those who attend. This show variations are very…

Game of Thrones Glass Artist

26 Apr 2016, Posted by silverqueen in General

Game of Thrones Glass Artist: Danny Blade               *****  NO SPOILERS ALERT  ******   Many of our gallery friends and collectors are anxiously awaiting the return of HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 6. You may not watch G.O.T. but we’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t at least heard of this spellbinding series. It’s wonderfully written, costumes are gorgeous, the photography and acting are so believable that you feel like you’ve lived in Westeros. The story line is brilliant yet so unpredictable and at times I hear myself screaming “No! No! No!” On social media I’ve read other fans swearing off the show on Sunday night but by Saturday they’re posting “I can’t wait!” If you haven’t watched and…

=^.^= Mastery of the Portrait =^.^=

19 Apr 2016, Posted by silverqueen in General

We’ve often referred to King Midas as Silver Queen Fine Art’s harshest art critic. Surrounded by endless beauty over the last six years, Midas the cat has developed a sharp eye for purrrrrrfection and earned the respect of our  twenty-four masterful artists and our most discerned collectors. Today Midas spoke to an intimate group of his most loyal enthusiasts. The talk was part one of a three part series titled: Mastery of the Portrait Artist. Featured above you’ll see Midas studying one of his many portraits, this one by master painter Frank Gonzales. You can find more of Frank’s work on our website.

Timberlyne a new adventure for Craig Davison

01 Mar 2016, Posted by silverqueen in General

Timberlyne is a new adventure with an unwritten story by Craig Davison. Craig has found international enthusiasm for his collection of Shadow Children. Within just months of having his work at the Silver Queen he became our number one selling painter and has held that position for the last three years. Craig’s work is nostalgic, captivating and thought provoking. His shadow children remind his collectors of a time when children could run, play and be free from the distractions, challenges and fear our children face today. The Shadow Children collection is also heavily influenced by pop culture icons and super hero characters. Timberlyne is a new collection and  far different from his previous highly recognizable, Shadow Children series. Timberlyne is a creation…

Trent Manning’s 2016 Collection

21 Feb 2016, Posted by silverqueen in General

January 10th The Manning Family journeyed from their home in Florida across country to deliver Trent Manning’s 2016 collection to Park City. Six months earlier when Trent started work this body of work we assumed he’d be shipping them like his other works in the past. Little did I know that he and his family had never seen snow before and after a few conversations we both decided driving them out would be the best. Thankfully we’ve had excellent snowfall this year and they were in for a special treat. For those of you who’ve followed Trent’s work since his debut in Park City last Sundance you already know how his one-of-a-kind pieces are in such high demand. In the first two days of the ten day…

The Land of OR and King Midas

19 Jan 2016, Posted by silverqueen in General, King Midas' Blog, Midas

As my fans, you know I usually don’t travel far – typically from the glass bowl to the couch with the occasional trip to the food. But I just took two of the best journeys and didn’t even have to leave my precious couch. And met some very strange “cats” along the way! Did you know there is such a thing as a Yabbut?!?! The first trip I took was through “Land of OR,” a new children’s book by my friend and hometown author, Katie Mullaly. As a cat, I only have to make a few decisions every day; which expensive piece of art to sleep in, who to allow to pet me and such; but this book’s message of…

7th Annual Nano Lopez Studio Tour 2017

14 Jul 2015, Posted by silverqueen in General

Join us in 2017 (actual date to be determined) in Walla Walla, Washington for our 7th Annual Nano Lopez Studio Tour and private dinner with the Nano Lopez Family. You will have plenty of time to discuss Nano’s inspiration, technique and learn what’s next in his life. This is an exclusive look into the world of Nano Lopez; you will have personal time with Nano and his wife Mariya.  You will also tour his studio and personal creation space called his “Nest”, it’s where the magic happens. And you will get to meet his lovely family including Davian the namesake of “Davian” the ice cream cone eating dragon. This is a two day event and we have transportation and hotel accommodations at the charming and historical Marcus Whitman Hotel. Space is…

~ Frogman blast from the past ~

14 Jul 2015, Posted by silverqueen in General

Enjoy this Frogman blast from the past. Nine years ago in April 2006 Tim Cotterill created his first Mother’s Day sculpture “Tulip.” It was the first sculpture by the Frogman to sell out on the first day of it’s first release. Since then “Tulip” has been a challenging piece for new Frogman collectors to find. We have one of these special pieces we are now releasing to the public. Call the gallery today if you’d like to own this special piece.                                 To celebrate Tim Cotterill’s 10th return to Park City we are offering a few other Silver Queen Fine Art exclusives from our Frogman treasure…

Local Artist Stephanie Ritchie joins the Silver Queen

03 Jul 2015, Posted by silverqueen in General

~ Local Artist Stephanie Ritchie joins the Silver Queen ~ For over twenty years I’ve been surrounded by hand made fine arts and craft. Since I hold no creative talent of my own, being surrounded  by handmade beauty has been a fascination and sometimes an obsession of mine. I’m always looking for that next talent to come along and blow me away. Sharing their works with the public brings me great joy and is the reason why I continue to do what I do. For nearly a year I’ve been trying my best to attract a local artist jeweler Stephanie Ritchie. I completely plaid it cool, waited months and months and finally got her attention. I’m so happy that she gave us the…

Silver Queen Fine Art welcomes painter Steven R. Hill

06 Mar 2015, Posted by silverqueen in General

“Hudson River Sunset Shadows” 25 x 18 framed Pastel, $1800 Steven R. Hill Silver Queen Fine Art is pleased to announce the arrival of its newest artist, Steven R. Hill. Specializing in pastels, this painter has been a life-long artist. Hill’s credentials extend all the way back to the fourth grade, when he won a city-wide art contest. Over the years has has won many more awards, 24 over the last nine years. Most recently, Steven won the coveted “Superintendent of Zion National Park Purchase Award” at the park’s plein air invitational, making his work part of Zion’s permanent art collection. Check out this timelapse video of Steven painting at the invitational. Hill has become a leader in “plein air” painting, traveling…

Anything Can Be Update

02 Jan 2015, Posted by silverqueen in General

We would like to give a special thank you to every one who donated to our “Anything Can Be” fundraiser in June 2014. We are very proud to announce that with your help we raised nearly eight thousand dollars to help children suffering with cancer!  “Anything Can Be” is an amazing project being funded by Millie’s Princess Foundation. Many of you already know Princess Millie but for those of you who don’t please click this link to learn more about this amazing jewel who lived a short but fruitful life in Salt Lake City. Artist Jon Diaz started “Anything Can Be” to give children the opportunity to become their fantasy removing them from the hurtful world of cancer even if only…

Anything Can Be

22 Nov 2014, Posted by silverqueen in General

In April of last year a family and gallery friend contacted the gallery asking me if King Midas our Philanthropuss would host a fundraiser for a local non-profit, Millie’s Princess Foundation. After watching thier two minute Vimeo video we were fully committed to help this worthy organization. In June we hosted a fundraiser during our 9th annual Frogman Collectors Weekend. Our lofty goal of raising six-thousand was the highest amount we’d ever set for a one-night fundraising event. With the help of our generous collectors and friends we not only met our goal but surpassed it by nearly two-thousand dollars. During this special event six of our generous collectors sponsored a child for their own Anything Can Be photo shoot….

Josh Simpson Planetary Glass Master

15 Nov 2014, Posted by silverqueen in General

Why give someone a gift this holiday when you can give them the world? Silver Queen Fine Art is proud to represent glass veteran Josh Simpson. For over forty years he’s been blowing glass in his Western Massachusetts studio and home. Josh has set the bar very high and has developed peerless techniques that will be used by emerging artists for years to come.  Even though a large part of Josh’s portfolio is glass paper weights he’s also skilled in creating utilitarian glass pieces. Josh started out making one-of-a-kind wine glass, vases and bowls. Today you’ll find Josh’s work in fine art galleries and museums around  the world. He’s also been featured in two PBS documentaries and is in the…

It’s back! Elizabeth by Nano Lopez

07 Nov 2014, Posted by silverqueen in General

We are very excited to announce the arrival of Elizabeth by Nano Lopez! This amazing life-size bronze sculpture by Nano Lopez is something you need to see to believe. Elizabeth the ostrich stands at an impressive 6’8″ tall and weighs around 500 pounds. Done in classic Nano Lopez fashion, this colorful piece boasts incredible detail and hidden gems. “An interesting thing happened when I started to do the Nanimals, they called out for color. I started to think about my past and the Colombian marketplace. I then began to develop a pallet of tropical colors for the Nanimals. Before this, I did not consider color to be serious. Most of my figurative works have less color, yet I am very…

It’s winter in Park City!

02 Nov 2014, Posted by silverqueen in General

We woke up to snow in Park City! Ski season, here we come!   Here’s what people are saying on Twitter: The #snow is falling in #ParkCity #Utah! — Karin Gage (@Karin_Gage) November 2, 2014 Such amazing snow here at Park City Mountain! @KUTVMary @KUTV2News #parkcitymountain #silverstar — Nikki Sim (@nikkilsim) November 2, 2014 Look what we woke up to here in #ParkCity this morning! Zelda is excited for ski season, how about you? — Visit Park City (@VisitParkCityPR) November 2, 2014 Snow like this makes me so excited for skiing! #parkcity — Ammon Hanson (@HansonAmmon) November 2, 2014 5 and a half inches of new snow as of 1:15 pm – we need 6″…

Photo Gallery: Halloween in Park City – 2014

02 Nov 2014, Posted by silverqueen in General

It was an exciting evening in Park City last Friday. Thousands of people gathered on Main Street to show off their costumes, go trick-or-treating and to have an all around good time. Here are some photos the Silver Queen captured during the event.     And for all animal-lovers out there, be sure to like King Midas’ Facebook page. For every “Like” that our gallery cat gets on Facebook, we donate a dollar to Friends of Animals Utah.   We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

Three Muses by Richard Salcido

28 Sep 2014, Posted by silverqueen in General

January 22nd, 2015 Silver Queen Fine Art will be releasing Three Muses by Richard Salcido. This limited edition set of prints will most likely sell out during the 10 days of the Sundance Film Festival. Richard has a wealth of L.A. and New York collectors that will need to add this set to their collection. We are now offering a special pre-release price to our Silver Queen Salcido collectors. These “Three Muses” will inspire and bring you joy over a lifetime. Three Muse by Richard Salcido Edition Size 25     12″ x 12″    $375.00 (set of three) Richard now enjoys his life as a stay at home dad and full time artist. His own three muses (wife and two daughters) inspire him…

Patrick Maxcy

12 Sep 2014, Posted by silverqueen in General

Silver Queen Fine Art is pleased to announce the arrival of its newest artist, Patrick Maxcy. Born and raised in Florida, Maxcy has always had a love for the arts. At the age of six he began to develop his talents when he started designing t-shirts. Ever since then he has been pursuing his dream of being an artist. Maxcy studied painting at Florida School of the Arts and Florida Atlantic University. While at FAU he also received his teaching certificate and upon graduating began teaching high school art classes. In addition to painting, Maxcy has become known for his extensive humanitarian work. Partnering with non-profit organizations, Maxcy has been able to help communities in North America, South America and…

Get to know Bryan Tubbs

16 Aug 2014, Posted by silverqueen in General

At the age of 8 Bryan Tubs began selling sculptures out of his father’s studio in Prescott, Arizona. Being a third generation artist Bryan was encouraged to nurture his creative side by both his father and grandfather. For the last 35 years Bryan has created his own  unique look by incorporating bronze, wood, clay and fabricated metal into his sculptures. His thought-provoking collection can be described as contemporary or primitive. Though his work is organic by nature you’ll also see the influence of the industrial world.   The clay collection features his own unique glazing techniques. He uses non-traditional applications on each of his pieces and not two are ever alike. He applies stains and acids that most artists would never think…