Day of the Dead Amado Hasta La Muerte

31 Oct 2016, Posted by silverqueen in General
Alma Hermosa is a limited edition, bronze mask by artist Bryan Tubbs. This pieces features a female face painted for the traditional Latin American Day of the Dead, honoring the spiritual journey of your relatives who have passed before you. She has a bright red rose on her head.

Growing up in a midwest, rural farming community in the 70’s , I didn’t have any Mexican influences. I loved Mexican food but to be honest I was a cornfed boy, I liked any kind of food. It wasn’t till my early twenties, I ventured into the “real” world and experienced latin culture. Today coast to coast, even in my central Missouri hometown, Mexican families and their traditions are celebrated by many; I think cinco de mayo had something to do with that. Day of the Dead or Amado Hasta La Muertis a three day celebration honoring the dead, starting October 31st and ending November 2nd. Friends and family gather and pray for the spiritual journey of those that have gone before them. Silver Queen Fine Art artist Bryan Tubbs has created two amazing limited edition bronze masks to celebrate this unusual cultural holiday. His superb craftsmanship and unique design would make these two sculptures a wonderful gif. A special totem for anyone observing this spiritual holiday or something nice to gift to  yourself. Each mask is limited to an edition of fifty pieces and can be purchased by themselves or as a set. I love learning and experiencing traditions practiced by cultures around the world. If your family, faith or community does something unique to celebrate your culture, please let me know, I’d love to hear about it. You can see more of Bryan’s work by clicking the link here.

Amado Hasta La Muerte is a limited edition bronze mask by Bryan Tubbs it features a male face and top hate Day of the Dead costume.

Amado Hasta La Muerte by Bryan Tubbs

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