It’s back! Elizabeth by Nano Lopez

07 Nov 2014, Posted by silverqueen in General

We are very excited to announce the arrival of Elizabeth by Nano Lopez!

1This amazing life-size bronze sculpture by Nano Lopez is something you need to see to believe. Elizabeth the ostrich stands at an impressive 6’8″ tall and weighs around 500 pounds. Done in classic Nano Lopez fashion, this colorful piece boasts incredible detail and hidden gems.


“An interesting thing happened when I started to do the Nanimals, they called out for color. I started to think about my past and the Colombian marketplace. I then began to develop a pallet of tropical colors for the Nanimals. Before this, I did not consider color to be serious. Most of my figurative works have less color, yet I am very satisfied and enjoy the many strong and vivid colors of the Nanimals.” -Nano Lopez


One of our favorite games to play with Nano’s pieces is an old fashioned game of “I Spy.” Elizabeth is such a large, detailed piece that it is perfect for this game. Trying to find all of the speed limit signs, letters of the alphabet, tiny fish, flowers, sea shells, numbers, sunglasses, etc. can be quite a challenge.


Be sure to come check out this sculpture in person! This is sure to be one of the most popular pieces in Park City this winter.


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