Local Artist Stephanie Ritchie joins the Silver Queen

03 Jul 2015, Posted by silverqueen in General
This is a 14k gold and diamond heart pendant by local Park City, Utah jeweler Stephanie Ritchie

~ Local Artist Stephanie Ritchie joins the Silver Queen ~

For over twenty years I’ve been surrounded by hand made fine arts and craft. Since I hold no creative talent of my own, being surrounded  by handmade beauty has been a fascination and sometimes an obsession of mine. I’m always looking for that next talent to come along and blow me away. Sharing their works with the public brings me great joy and is the reason why I continue to do what I do. For nearly a year I’ve been trying my best to attract a local artist jeweler Stephanie Ritchie. I completely plaid it cool, waited months and months and finally got her attention. I’m so happy that she gave us the opportunity to represent her.

Stephanie has three distinct yet cohesive lines of jewelry, Tortured Hearts, Wear & Tear and Pitted Surface.

RingsTortured Heart Collection: “If you’ve lived, if you’ve loved, if you’d lost. Your hearts has some marks to show for it” ~ Stephanie Ritchie

Pitted Surface Collection: Industrial yet soft. This collection has great texture, lines and sparkle. All of Stephanie’s stones are of the highest quality and will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Wear & Tear Organic, life giving surfaces highlighted in patina and 14k gold. This collection represents the elemental wear and tare we see in the natural world around us.

Silver Queen Fine Art will features just a portion of each collection at first. If you have a favorite collection please drop us a line and let us know; we’d love to hear your feedback. Please check out Stephanie’s website and follow her on Facebook. If you see something on her website or social media that you can’t live without please drop me a line, I’ll be glad to request it for you.  Please note that each piece is made by hand, there are never two pieces just alike. All special orders take between four to six weeks.

How Stephanie got started in her own words: I picked up my first pair of jeweler’s pliers between my freshman and sophomore years of college, when I took a job at a costume jewelry store run by a cranky old lady who tried very hard not to teach me how to make any jewelry. Somehow I managed to learn to do some basic repairs, string beads, and knot pearls. My folks then bought me a green tackle box in which to carry my half dozen hand tools and growing bead collection back to college. My first “jewelry show” was in 1988 in the lobby of my dorm, where I hung earrings all around the top edges of the lamp shades. I made almost a thousand dollars that night. I was hooked. Eventually I took a basic metalsmithing class. Then another. And another. I say of myself that I am semi-self taught because my skills have not come from formal jewelry training nor apprenticeship, rather from workshops, one-on-one tutorials, and years of willingness to torture a little metal in pursuit of technique.

This is a piece of jewelry from Stephanie Ritchie's Tortured Hearts collection. It is a sterling silver and pearl hand made chain with a sterling silver heart.

Silver Queen Favorite: Check out this one-of-a-kind Tortured Heart necklace. This eye catching piece features a 200 year old brass escutcheon bound to a handmade chain adorned with black pearls. This is the perfect piece for any collector. You will never see another alike.

It’s Time For a Show: Come meet artist Stephanie Ritchie during our August 28th Park City Gallery Stroll from 6-9PM.

Below you’ll find the hands of an artist. Remember to support local talent and buy things that are made by hand. If not we could have an entire world full of possessions that are assembled on a line and just alike; YUCK!!!

These are the hands of artist Stephanie Ritchie holding tools of her trade.
Hands of Stephanie Ritchie and her tools and implements of construction.


  • Kerry

    I have one of Stephanie’s Tortured Hearts. I put it on three years ago and I’ve never taken it off.

    • silverqueen

      That’s great to hear Stephanie. It’s nice to hear you share our enthusiasm.


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