Paul Messink latest artists to join the Silver Queen

28 Mar 2017, Posted by silverqueen in General

glass_sculpture_lThe most difficult task for an artist is developing a signature style,  different approach, or visual characteristics that help identify an artist. Something that makes a collector or enthusiast say “That’s Paul Messina’s work.” Paul has accomplished all of these. His portfolio is completely unique, his slumped glass is nothing like any other kiln glass artist I know, and every time I see his work I visualize him.

His one-of-a-kind works are individual paintings on multi layers of flat glass, then slumped together in a kiln. Just one layer of glass, or painting would be insufficient but as the collective layers are assembled something magical happens. Collectively the layers become a familiar location you can only visit in your dreams.

Paul’s work is considered multi media because each piece is not only a painting, it’s a glass sculpture. You may own one of Paul’s pieces by visiting his section on our Silver Queen Fine Art website or visit our other location, Zarks Gallery located in Historic Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Also make sure to check out how his pieces are made and what inspires the artist in this great video

Inside the Artist Studio with Paul Messink from Marilyn Chung on Vimeo.


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