Josh Simpson Planetary Glass Master

15 Nov 2014, Posted by silverqueen in General
josh simpson blue underwater glass orb

Why give someone a gift this holiday when you can give them the world?

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Silver Queen Fine Art is proud to represent glass veteran Josh Simpson. For over forty years he’s been blowing glass in his Western Massachusetts studio and home. Josh has set the bar very high and has developed peerless techniques that will be used by emerging artists for years to come.¬† Even though a large part of Josh’s portfolio is glass paper weights he’s also skilled in creating utilitarian glass pieces. Josh started out making one-of-a-kind wine glass, vases and bowls. Today you’ll find Josh’s work in fine art galleries and museums around¬† the world. He’s also been featured in two PBS documentaries and is in the Genius Book of World Records for creating the largest glass paper weight in the world which resides in the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York.


When purchasing your first piece of Simpson glass we provide one of Josh’s PBS films or his published coffee table book. Once you’ve discovered his amazing story and his historical contribution to the glass community you will want to continue collecting. His work is amazingly powerful and gives us a glimpse of the universe that many of us will only see in pictures. His inspiration comes from the world around him and the cosmos but mostly from his wife Cady Coleman. Officer Catherine Grace “Cady” Coleman has been on two NASA Shuttle Missions and spent 159 days on the International Space Station. I’m so proud to know and represent Josh. I’m however very glad not to be his sibling; I could never measure up.


Josh’s work starts at $125.00 – $30,000.00. We have something for everyone’s who wants to collect.

Josh’s work has been in every White House Collection since First Lady Rosalynn Carter commissioned him to make wine goblets. He’s also in countless museums and private collections around the world. Feel free to email or call the gallery and we’ll send you his entire 23 page bio resume; his success is mind boggling.

835Thank you for Choosing Silver Queen Fine Art and Josh Simpson Glass. Please check out all of his work available on our website.

If you make a purchase online please mention that you read this blog and choose between Josh’s hardback book or his PBS documentary. We’ll make sure to include it as a gift.

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