Bob Ichter

Bob Ichter is enjoying his second successful career as a professional artist, creating one-of-a-kind sculptural resign paintings. He’s known most for his charcoal on suede and oil on canvas paintings but over a short period of time, he’s become one of the most sought after artists at the Silver Queen. Bob starts with a vessel, sometimes porcelain or clay, other times retired, wooden, Kotobuki Cypress Hangiri Sushi Oke’s. He then pours multiple layers of resin, painting on and then stacking on top of each other. Sometimes a layer will only have a few precious brush stokes of paint, others many more. Drying time for each piece takes countless hours. Layers are created one by one until his masterpiece is complete. From the side angle you cannot see his realistic paintings,  a layer of paint can be as thin as a single slice of paper. Collectively from the top, viewers are amazed. Collectors all over the world collect Bob’s work. You will never tire,  sharing one of Bob Ichter’s pieces with friends and family; we guarantee you will love it for a lifetime.

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