Bail Money

Bail Money is dedicated to Brother Rick, an Arizona boy who has seen the inside of a New York City slammer, the only one he has seen, so he says! On that particular night, this Bail Money (hog bank) had not been cast otherwise Rick would have been able to post his own bail (it holds a lot).


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There are two significant features on this wild hog.

First, as you can see, it has a hug set of cajones, for those of us who know Brother Rick, it’s only right to acknowledge the fact that he is always at full throttle, wide open and some times balls to the wall, whether on a run or in his business. His banker, Jeff, swears that he eats Risk for breakfast every morning.

The second feature, non-related to Rick, I call “BB’s Worst Fear” (left gas cap). This gas cap is dedicated to that one cheap horse’s ass in every group that is so tight even his manipulative intentions squeak. This is in BB’s case; a kind of early warning system begging the question, “How is he going to skate on this one?” You know the type, the one who says, “Guys, I’ve got the tip”, then leaves a $10 buck tip for a table of (8) hungry guys on a $200.00 tab all of which he plans to write off as he scoops up the cash and whips out the credit card. The person whose worst fear is to loose a dime from a hole in his pocket. The left cap is for you BB.

Any coin placed in this slot just runs right through the pig and out between his balls and on to the floor. Because I know that the sound of a dime hitting the floor will drive BB crazy. Forgive my venting. For security reasons i.e. (BB’s continual quest for wealth) the gallery will only tell owners how to access the cash. It’s real cool! The speedometer flips open but the latch is a secret.

Because we know there are only two kinds of real bikers out there; the ones who have needed bail money and the ones who are about to…

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Limited Edition Bronze

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58″ x 34″ x 21″

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R. Garth

The artwork of sculptor R. Garth is strong, full of attitude, immensely time consuming and incredible detailed. R. Garth works in bronze casting and creates motorcycle-inspired pieces of art - many of which are purchased by people who enjoy the real life stories which inspired the work. Most of the people who have purcahsed R. Garth's bronze scultures are monied, successful, educated and living sheltered lives. Some are renown individuals – like Bob Parson, founder of GoDaddy. Some are old money, like Mr. Pew of the Philadelphia Pew Charitable Trust family and the CEO at SpectiCast Entertainment, a Dartmouth man. For R. Garth, creating these bronze sculptures is about reflection on past friends and the adventures and experiences they shared - as each R. Garth piece is a collection of real-world experiences, attitude and meaning.