Banjo Songbird

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“Banjo Songbird” is an original oil painting on wood by Nathan Durfee. This piece features one of his hipster characters serenading a red bird.


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“Banjo Songbird” is an original oil painting on wood by South Carolina artist Nathan Durfee. When finished with a painting Nathan applies a thick two part epoxy resin to the surface of each piece to give his work a glossy appearance. His pieces deliver a nostalgic feeling to the viewer through his subject matter, color pallet and signature look. Most of his paintings are miniature, small and midsize pieces but he also paints larger works as well. A collection of Durfee’s work could fill an entire wall or enhance nooks and cranny’s spread throughout a room or house. Nathan also works in acrylic and pen & ink but currently is focusing mostly on oils. Get to know the artist more by checking out his blog. Buy “Banjo Songbird” or any Nathan Durfee original painting with our 100% thirty day money back guarantee. Please feel free to call the Silver Queen if you have any questions or if you’d like to add “Banjo Songbird” to your collection.

“I thought I would be a traditional, realistic painter…but then, if I’m able to create a reality, why do I need to have it adhere to the one we live in now?”     ~ Nathan Durfee

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