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“Bright” is an original, acrylic painting on wood panel,  by San Deigo pop artist, Richard Salcido. Silver Queen Fine Art has represented Richard since the opening of our gallery in June 2006. We have shipped his paintings to collectors around the world (over twenty countries) and placed them in the finest personal collections from New York to L.A. Each year during the Sundance Film Festival his collection is one of the most talked about, nearly selling out each year. His portraits (we refer to as Salcido girls) are often emmo’esk but you’ll also notice elements of burlesque. Even though his work is fresh, considered edgy to conservative or traditional collectors, it appeals to a diverse spectrum of art lovers.

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Richard Salcido

Living in Southern California, Richard Salcido is surrounded by a variety of cultures... and it shows in the mixed media pieces he creates. If you follow Richard Salcido's work, you'll see how he frequently blends society, youth and faith into his stunning portraits. At the Silver Queen Fine Art gallery in Park City, Utah, we frequently watch and listen as people discover Richard's work for the first time. Some are immediately captivated by the intensity of each portrait - unable to look away, while others are taken by their rebellious nature and find them disturbing. Whatever emotions are evoked, we are always pleased with the dialogue produced by Richard Salcido's mixed media masterpieces.