Charm Necklace with Interchangeable Charm

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Charm Necklace with Interchangeable Charms by Terri Logan
This sterling silver charm is made from a river rock and brushed sterling silver by Terri Logan.This charm is hand crafted by Terri Logan with brushed sterling silver and a faceted agate.This is a brushed sterling silver charm and faceted beach glass charm by Terri Logan.This is a brushed sterling silver and polished glass charm by Terri Logan.This piece is a brushed sterling silver jewelry is a charm for Terri Logan's interchangeable charm necklace. Her work is industrial yet soft, organic and considered to have a zen like quality.

Charm Necklace with Interchangeable Charms

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Silver Queen rockstar jeweler Terri Logan’s (TLo) most popular piece is the Charm Necklace with Interchangeable Charm. This unique design features a one of a kind, hand crafted stone charm that fastens and serves as a clasp at worn and the front of the neck. You’ll enjoy wearing this lovely piece and collecting new charms as you visit Park City or our SQ website. This piece also makes a great gift you can add to throughout the year for birthdays,  Valentine’s, Mother’s Day or Christmas. Terri’s charm necklace’s are sold in two lengths 14″  and 16″ (custom sizes are available upon request). The chain without charm is sold for $295.00.  Charms vary in price depending on uniqueness and availability, usually between $195.00 to $495.00.

Terri Logan uses only the finest sterling silver that’s been brushed with steel wool then treated with mineral oils to give her work an aged quality.  Each piece is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Buy this or any TLo creation with our 100% thirty day money back guarantee. Feel free to call the gallery if you have any questions or if you’d like to add a Charm Necklace with Interchangeable Charm to your collection.

Listed below you’ll find a variety of charms. Click on the image to enlarge, price is listed on the bottom left of each image.


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Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Product Size

15″ Approx. Chain

Additional Notes

Every stone and charm is unique.

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