Death is the Hunter

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“Death is the Hunter” is one sculpture in a series of five limited edition bronzes by sculptor Bryan Tubb’s. Each sculpture is in an edition of twenty-five. Bryan has a devoted collectors base who love his one-of-a-kind high-fired clay sculptures. This year he introduced his bronze collection exclusively to Silver Queen Fine Art. These pieces are very reasonably priced so Bryan can invest in his second collection.


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Death is the Hunter by Prescott, Arizona artist Bryan Tubbs is a bronze sculpture from his 2014 collection. These five pieces represent the animal, angle or devils that live inside each of us. Regardless of age, sex, race, religion or social status, we shelter something deep within that helps us survive, protecting ourselves and others when tragedy comes our way. Bryan’s usual esthetic captivates his collectors, connecting with them in a deeply personal way. His work has been described as spiritual, mysterious and primal. Viewers are surprised to learn Bryan casts his work in bronze. His unusual signature patina is a trade secret that often stumps the most accomplished bronze artists. Finishing his work, he adorns his sculptures with trinkets, jewelry or special treasures. Some of these items are fastened with wire or leather cord adding an earthly or organic touch. As Bryan’s work continues to evolve, we see more masterly qualities that impress not only the gallery but his collectors scattered all over the world. Buy Death is the Hunter or any other Bryan Tubb’s sculpture with our one-hundred percent, thirty day money back guarantee. Feel free to call the gallery if you have any questions or if you’d like to add this amazing bronze sculpture to your collection.

What makes Bryan Tubbs a Silver Queen Artist: When I was first introduced to Bryan’s work, he exclusively worked in clay. Our first body or work (thirty pieces) SOLD OUT during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival; his works resinated with the L.A. / New York film crowd. The following winter Bryan returned with a new collection that was OUT OF THIS WORLD, very pleasing. After seeing the new collection, Bryan ask me to pick one the new pieces up. Eureka!!! I found it!!! Actually Bryan found it, the perfect medium to offer his client, broadening his collector base. The new works were cast in bronze. I was amazed in his ability to create a series of bronze sculptures that stayed true to his original clay works. They were organic, colorful and solid, made to last for eternity. Bryan’s a Silver Queen Artist because he’s constantly thinking outside the box, pushing himself to grow. His work also appeals to the emerging collector, seasoned art patrons, young and old, he’s got it covered.

You can purchase this sculpture or any of Bryan’s pieces with our one-hundred percent, thirty day, money back promise. Please call the gallery if you have any question or if you’d like to add this wonderful piece to your collection.

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