Five Koi in Green Bowl

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This captivating, one-of-kind resin sculptural painting, will be the jewel of your art collection. Bob Ichter is enjoying his second successful career as a working artist spending countless hours creating these realistic looking treasures. He starts with a wooden box, porcelain bowl or cupĀ and fills it with stones and resin. After this dries it becomes his background for his oil painting. Layer upon layer Bob adds small portions of resin, then painting portions of his desired image after it dries. Some layers may only have one or two brush strokes but they are crucial for the finished piece. As the layers are stacked the images comes to life, collectively deceiving the viewer. Many people see real fish when they look into one of Bob’s pieces.


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Five Koi in Green Bowl available at Silver Queen Fine Art is a stunning one-of-a-king mixed media sculpture and painting by Bob Ichter. Starting with a green piece of pottery he fills the bottom with stones and a couple inches of resin. After his working surface is dry, he ads very thin layers of resin and oil paint allowing each to dry. Some layers may only have one or two brush strokes that contribute to the overall finished painting but every stroke is crucial, collectively giving each of his pieces depth. When finished each of these masterpieces are an illusion, painting and sculpture.

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Weight 5 lbs
Shipping Size 12 x 12 x 12 in
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6″ x 6″

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