Moon Jellyfish

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Richard Satava’s glass “Moon” Jellyfish sculptures have a blue opacity that many say looks the most life-like of all the jellyfish in his collection. This style of jellyfish captures light from a light base extremely well. Many collectors are enchanted to have 3 or more of the “Moon” jellyfish in various sizes in their collection. Enjoy the life-likeness of your own Moon Jellyfish in the comfort (and dryness!) of your own home.

Jellyfish sculptures start at $250 (at 4.5″) and go up to $6,500. Many larger jellyfish can be special ordered up to $25,000.

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Richard Satava’s Moon Jellyfish are the number one selling glass sculptures available at Silver Queen Fine Art. Richard is a glass veteran of forty years, taking his first glass lesson in 1969. By the time he saw his first jellyfish display in the late 80’s at the  Monterey Bay Aquarium , Richard had nearly twenty years of glass blowing experience. Five years later after perfecting his first jellyfish, Richard exhibited his sculptures along with the real thing at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Over the last twenty-six years of mastering these fine glass reproductions Richard can be found in major fine art destinations around the world. Each jellyfish is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece and is guarantee’d to bring the owner a lifetime of enjoyment. We sell his Moon Jellyfish either with or without LED light bases. Some prefer having a light under their sculpture and enjoy the illumination twenty-four hours a day. Other’s choose to display their sculpture under a light in a display case. Which ever you choose will be perfect for your collection. These amazing sculpture start as low as $250.00 or can go for as much as $6,500.00. We have a Moon Jellyfish that will fit in your budget.  Buy this or any other Richard Satava piece of glass with our one-hundred percent, thirty day money back guarantee. Please call the gallery if you have any questions or if you’d like to add one of the stunning pieces to your collection.

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