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“Maria and the Seeds” by Nano Lopez was inspired by Mother Earth and her abundance. This figurative work features Nano’s warm golden undercoat patina that serves as a canvas for his vibrant, pigmented patina and finish coat.  If you like “Maria and the Seeds” make sure to check out his larger version of this piece. 


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Maria and the Seeds small is petite version of an earlier work with the same title. This sculpture is not a reproduction of his first Maria, it’s remarkably similar but is a variation of the original. This limited edition bronze sculpture by Nano Lopez was inspired by the abundance and protection given from Mother Earth. This warm colorful fairy will bring you abundance and a lifetime of joy as you view her. This master work was created by hand in Walla Walla, Washington by one of our countries most unusual and talent artists. His vision and unique collection is something fresh, the art community needed. You can own “Maria and the Seeds” or any other Lopez sculpture with Silver Queen Fine Art’s, thirty day, one-hundred percent money back promise. Feel free to call the gallery if you have any questions or if you’d like to add this stunning piece to your collection. If you like Maria and the Seeds make sure you check out the larger version.

Would you like to meet Nano Lopez and tour his foundry and studio in Walla Walla, Washington? Call and ask how you can be on our VIP list and attend our 7th annual, 2017 Nano Lopez Studio Tour. This event includes a two night stay at The Marcus Whitman Historic Hotel, two dinners with the Lopez family and Queen Team, a tour of his foundry, private gallery and studio, and two wonderful farm fresh breakfasts at the Marc located in the Marcus Whitman and our personal favorite activity, searching for Nano Fossils, see image below.

In the lost wax method of casing bronze sculptures, a ceramic mold is created to pour the 2000 degree molten bronze into. After the sculpture has cooled the harden ceramic shell is removed (broken away) revealing the ruff unfinished sculpture. These fractured ceramic treasures are the remnants or fossils that get discarded. As we sift through the rubble we find countless pieces, revealing the impressions from the bronze. These broken, discard and unwanted fossils have no value to the artist or foundry worker, but we still enjoy picking out our favorite each year.

This pile of white rubble is what we call foundry fossils. In the lost wax method of casting bronze sculptures, one of the steps is breaking off and removing the ceramic mold. These fractures pieces of porcelain is the end result. We like to rummage through the piles to find foundry fossils. They reveal the reverse texture of whatever sculpture is being made.

A pile of foundry fossils outside the pouring section at the Nano Lopez foundry.

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Weight 15 lbs
Shipping Size 20 x 20 x 20 in
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Nano Lopez

Spend time with any Nano Lopez sculpture and you'll soon realize that Nano Lopez is the master sculptor of our generation. In every Nano Lopez art work you'll discover a world full of texture and color perfectly balanced in each piece. Look closer and you'll see the miracle of life - how patterns on a leaf, and gears on a machine, come from the same majestic source. Nano Lopez was born in Bogota, Columbia but has lived in Walla Walla, Washington for the last twenty years. Nano Lopez's contemporary bronze sculptures are available exclusively in major art destinations around the world and Silver Queen Fine Art in Park City, Utah is honored to represent such an amazing talent. Nano Lopez art for sale: Nano Lopez has two distinct collections. More often than not, you'll find galleries featuring his "Nanimal" collection, but he also has a collection of contemporary figures that are avant-garde and powerful. Nano Lopez's "Nanimals" are whimsical and will add some cheer to your collection, while his contemporary collection of sculptures speak to the strength and fragile nature of the human condition. There is even a Nano Lopez book featuring some of Nano's most famous, most colorful and most collectible art pieces. Nano Lopez prices range from as little as $1,500 USD to as much as $78,000 USD or more for one of his life-size bronze sculptures. Whichever Nano Lopez sculpture collection speaks to you, the Silver Queen Fine Art gallery in Park City, Utah has the right piece of art for your home or office. Nano Lopez sculptures are available in a sizes and price points. Please contact us at Silver Queen Fine Art to inquire about the pieces we have available on our website and the various Nano Lopez sculpture sales we have in our Park City gallery.