(Medium) Phillipe III

This Phillipe III is a brilliant, limited edition, bronze camel sculpture by internationally celebrated sculptor Nano Lopez. This pieces is available in two size variations, medium and large. You are viewing the medium “Phillipe III”


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Medium Phillipe III is a limited edition, bronze camel sculpture by internationally celebrated artist, Nano Lopez. This camel sculpture is available in two sizes, this page is about the smaller variation. If you like this piece, make sure you check out the larger Phillipe here.  Medium Phillipe III is magically captivating and guaranteed to bring a smile to the collectors face for their lifetime. Each Nano sculpture is finished with his trade secret, three part, colorful patina and signature textures. It will take great amounts of study for a collector to discover all the items, words and treasures that cover a Nano Lopez sculpture. Buy this piece or any Nano sculpture with our Silver Queen Fine Art, one-hundred percent, thirty day money back promise. Feel free to call the gallery if you have any questions or if you’d like to add this piece to your collection.

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Weight 15 lbs
Shipping Size 10 x 4 x 14 in
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14″ x 3.5 x 10″

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Nano Lopez

Spend time with any Nano Lopez sculpture and you'll soon realize that Nano Lopez is the master sculptor of our generation. In every Nano Lopez art work you'll discover a world full of texture and color perfectly balanced in each piece. Look closer and you'll see the miracle of life - how patterns on a leaf, and gears on a machine, come from the same majestic source. Nano Lopez was born in Bogota, Columbia but has lived in Walla Walla, Washington for the last twenty years. Nano Lopez's contemporary bronze sculptures are available exclusively in major art destinations around the world and Silver Queen Fine Art in Park City, Utah is honored to represent such an amazing talent. Nano Lopez art for sale: Nano Lopez has two distinct collections. More often than not, you'll find galleries featuring his "Nanimal" collection, but he also has a collection of contemporary figures that are avant-garde and powerful. Nano Lopez's "Nanimals" are whimsical and will add some cheer to your collection, while his contemporary collection of sculptures speak to the strength and fragile nature of the human condition. There is even a Nano Lopez book featuring some of Nano's most famous, most colorful and most collectible art pieces. Nano Lopez prices range from as little as $1,500 USD to as much as $78,000 USD or more for one of his life-size bronze sculptures. Whichever Nano Lopez sculpture collection speaks to you, the Silver Queen Fine Art gallery in Park City, Utah has the right piece of art for your home or office. Nano Lopez sculptures are available in a sizes and price points. Please contact us at Silver Queen Fine Art to inquire about the pieces we have available on our website and the various Nano Lopez sculpture sales we have in our Park City gallery.