She Led Him Through Her Forest


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“She Led Him Through Her Forest” is an original oil painting on wood by South Carolina artist Nathan Durfee. When finished with a painting Nathan applies a thick two part epoxy resin to the surface of each piece to give his work a glossy appearance. His pieces deliver a nostalgic feeling to the viewer through his subject matter, color pallet and signature look. Most of his paintings are miniature, small and midsize pieces but he also paints larger works as well. A collection of Durfee’s work could fill an entire wall or enhance nooks and cranny’s spread throughout a room or house. Nathan also works in acrylic and pen & ink but currently is focusing mostly on oils. Get to know the artist more by checking out his blog. Buy”She Led Him Through Her Forest”or any Nathan Durfee original painting with our 100% thirty day money back guarantee. Please feel free to call the Silver Queen if you have any questions or if you’d like to add “She Led Him Through Her Forest” to your collection. Also check out “She Spotted Him Out in the Water” it’s a great companion piece.

“I thought I would be a traditional, realistic painter…but then, if I’m able to create a reality, why do I need to have it adhere to the one we live in now?”     ~ Nathan Durfee

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Shipping Size 12 x 1.5 x 8 in
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Nathan Durfee

Artist Nathan Durfee was born Bethel, Vermont on June 26, 1983 - officially making him Silver Queen Fine Art's youngest talent. After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005 Nathan Durfee started his artistic career by working as an illustrator. Over the next four years he began painting and developing his signature style that is peerless. In just a short amount of time Nathan was featured in American Art Collector and Charleston Scene magazines. He was also named the Best Visual Artist by Charleston City Paper and won the 2010 Charleston Portrait Slam. The Teatrio Cultural Association book award was also given to Nathan for his children's book "Hello My Name is Bernard." In 2009 Nathan devoted himself to a permanent career as a visual artist. He works in oil, acrylic and pen and ink. Most of Nathan's works are miniature and small to medium but he also paints larger paintings upon request. Nathan's characters are whimsical, mysterious and share with the viewer a familiar story. We'll often see his characters return in his future paintings, making Nathan Durfee's work a joy to collect. Collectors will find themselves becoming attached to a character and their ongoing story. As you get to know each of them you'll develop an ongoing friendship. You'll see them struggle, succeed, find joy, love, fall, hurt and carry on. Nathan's palate is a mix of soft and bold colors that come together as his brush strokes create a magical pixilation. We look forward to watching Nathan succeed over the next ten, twenty or thirty years. We believe that if you buy a piece of Nathan Durfee artwork now, you'll be owning a master in the years to come.