Split Personality

Split Personality is a limited edition bronze Steampunk mask by Prescott, Arizona artist Bryan Tubbs. This piece is limited to an edition of fifty pieces and would be a treasure in any mask collection. Bryan finishes each piece in his signature heat treated patina so each piece will be unique.

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Split Personality is a limited edition, bronze, Steampunk mask by Prescott, Arizona artist Bryan Tubbs. Even though Bryan’s masks are in an edition, each piece is truly unique because of his signature, hot patina process. This sculpture would be macabre for most view with the turn key stuck in his forehead and mouth piercing that is binding his mouth shut. There’s a sweet sadness on Split Personalities face that creates a bound between the object and collector.¬†You can purchase Split Personality or any other Bryan Tubb sculpture with our Silver Queen Fine Art, thirty-day, money back guarantee. Feel free to call the gallery if you have any questions or if you’d like to add this piece to your collection.

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Bryan Tubbs

Prescott, Arizona artist Bryan Tubbs is a third generation artist that grew up in an art studio. By the time he was eight years old, Bryan was already selling his work to people visiting the studio. That early experience helped drive him into a lifelong career as an artist. Over the last thirty five years, Bryan Tubbs has used wood, steel, stone, clay and bronze to share his journey and give his collectors a part of his mystery, pain, love and laughter. Each of Bryan Tubbs' clay pieces are a one-of-a-kind sculpture and his bronze pieces are limited to an edition of only twenty-five. Bryan Tubbs sculptures are thought provoking, inspire conversation and invoke emotion. Sometimes good, sometimes bad - these sculptures mimic the human existence and, like our lives, each one is a living masterpiece. His cleaver titles also help to tell the story behind each piece - a story that you can finish when you take them home with you. Buy any Brian Tubbs sculpture with 100% confidence; we offer a thirty-day, money-back guarantee on any Bryan Tubbs sculpture.