Star King

Star King is the title piece for the Farther, Daughter Duo Event “Trent, Harlow and the Star King.” The Manning collection has been a huge success to our Sundance market. This will be Manning’s third show and first exclusive show inspired by the talent of his 9 year old daughter, Harlow.

Are you a fan of Star King? Check out the original painting that shares his name.

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Star King, the name sake, for the Trent & Harlow Manning, Father, Daughter, Duo Event, to take place at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. This exclusive show is sponsored by Silver Queen Fine Art located in the heart of Old Town Park City and will be the first of it’s kind for the contemporary art scene, that thrives during Sundance, the largest international film festival in the United States. This collection of one-of-a-kind mixed media sculpture and original acrylic paintings were inspired by Harlow age 9, then recreated by Father, Trent Manning in their home studio located in Winter Park, Florida. No piece is complete though without Harlow’s approval and her hand embellishment, finishing touches.

The collection consists of twenty-five sculptures and ten paintings. The price point ranges from one-thousand up to seven-thousand dollars. This will be Trent Manning second show, his first two selling out over the eleven day festival. With Harlow’s help we expect “Trent, Harlow, and the Star King” to also break records. Make sure to attend our two day event, Friday, Jan 20th, from 6-9pm and Saturday, Jan 21st, from 11-2pm. Once you’ve met the artists, owning a piece is a given.

For a complete portfolio of this collection, please email the gallery and we’ll be glad to provide that for you

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Weight 20 lbs
Shipping Size 20 x 20 x 40 in
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This is a one-of-a-kind sculpture by Trent & Harlow Manning

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Trent Manning

Artist Trent Manning is a disillusioned cynic, with an odd sense of humor, who still clings tightly to his inner child. Inspired by children’s toys, many of Trent Manning's mixed media pieces may seem innocent at first glance, but there is something offbeat, dark, humorous or macabre about each of his art pieces. It’s this balance of light and dark that have become a signature theme in much of Trent Manning's work. Using mismatched objects such as discarded pieces of metal, screws, wooden handles, old tools, and wire and them combining them with various mediums, such as woodworking, painting, and sculpting, Trent Manning is able to create a powerful piece of art with a sense of history usually lacking in modern modern artwork and materials. The following Trent Manning art pieces are currently for sale at the Silver Queen Fine Art gallery in downtown Park City, Utah.