White Large Sargasso Covered Sphere with Steel Blue

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Large White Sargasso Covered Sphere with Steel Blue by Gartner Blade. The Sargasso series begins with a base of either pristine white or dense black followed by their favorite colors which are then layered over the base color to create a very unique design. White Sargasso is finished with a translucent Sargasso green lips accent. Black Sargasso is finished with a brilliant gold lip accent.

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White Large Sargasso Covered Sphere with Steel Blue  is a handmade glass vessel by artist Danny Blade and Steven Gartner of Gartner & Blade. This organic vessel was handcrafted in the artists home studio, located in western Massachusetts. Because each piece is handmade, no two are exactly alike but they measure 14″ tall. The ornate lid and vessel were created at the same time to ensure a proper fit. This piece comes from the “Opal” series and either starts with solid, opaque, pristine white or dense black glass. The steal blue and other organic, earth toned colors are then applied on top. This piece comes with either a bone or avian finial. The bone represents the strength of life and certainty of death for all living creatures. The avian finial represents the freedom and beauty of flight. Both are equally as beautiful and would make a great addition to any glass collection. You may purchase this vessel or any Gartner Blade creation with our thirty-day, money back guarantee. Please call the gallery if you have any questions or if you’d like to purchase this White Large Sargasso Covered Sphere with Steel Blue.

Gartner & Blade is the collaborative work of Danielle Blade & Stephen Gartner. Business partners since 1996. We combine our ideas, techniques and experiences to create original works in both blown and sculpted hot glass. We are continually developing a series of pieces that explores our interpretation of objects used in rituals and worship. The inspiration for these pieces begins with our mutual fascination with the many vessels and sculptural objects that are revered in the rituals of both primitive and contemporary cultures. Natural elements such as bone, wood, vine and rock formations combine with our highly original color palette to inform our signature pieces. Our work merges traditional hand blown glass techniques with innovative color applications and original sculpting techniques.

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Weight 10 lbs
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Blown Glass

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14″ Tall

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Large, Small, White Sargasso Covered Sphere with Steel Blue

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