Something new coming to Zarks

20 Dec 2016, Posted by silverqueen in General
This two blade pocket knife was crafted by Northfield Cutlery, made here in the USA.

Over the last twenty years, the world of art retail has experienced much change, with access to the internet and easy online shopping, successful businesses have needed to stay one step ahead. We do that by introducing our clientele to hot new trends before our competitors.  Being open to change, continually offering a unique, one-of-a-kind shopping experience has been of great benefit to us. We’ve accomplished this by presenting individual pieces with a colorful story and rich history of their own.  In a world with endless options, Zarks Gallery now offers a selection of vintage, American made pocket knives and risqué ephemera, making your art curation anything but traditional.

Another contributing factor of Zarks success on Spring Street, is it’s long standing relationship with a handful of internationally recognizable artists, Charles Lotton, Josh Simpson, Gartner & Blade and silversmith, Terri Logan, all veteran artisans in their own community. You’ll be amazed by evolving, vintage collection available at Zarks Gallery.

This is a deck of pinup playing cards featuring a vargas girl semi nude.

In recent years, as tourism in Northwest Arkansas changed, so did the average Eureka Springs visitor. In an attempt to attract this evolving market, Zarks Gallery developed a series of exclusive pieces unique to Eureka Springs. This collection includes cast glass guns and hand grenades, guardian angle pocket charms and a series of sterling silver gift coins minted by former local artist Timothy Grat. Used like a gift certificate these coins often sell out and become a highly collectable pieces of Eureka Springs, history.


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