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What Is Mixed-Media Art?

14 Apr 2014, Posted by silverqueen in General

Mixed media art (or artwork) refers to a type of art in which more than one medium has been employed to produce the final piece. While a traditional painter, for example, might use only a single type of paint to produce one or his or her masterprieces, a mixed-media artist will employ several different mediums (such as paint, ink, paper, found items, etc.) into a final piece of artwork. Here at Silver Queen Fine Art, we represent a number of mixed-media artists, including: Anthony Granato – who takes images he has either drawn, sculpted or photographed and scans them into the computer. Then, once in the computer, he brings them all together and merges them into one cohesive image. Once…

R. Garth – Bronze Sculptures: Interview With The Artist

22 Oct 2013, Posted by silverqueen in General

R. Garth is bronze sculptor living in Arizona and whose work is on view and for sale at the Silver Queen Art Gallery in Park City, Utah. We recently had a chance to sit down with the artist and ask him about his work. This is what he had to say: If you had to describe your artwork to a stranger in just one or two sentences, how would you describe it? My art is strong and full of attitude. Immensely time consuming and detailed. The medium I choose is bronze casting. The people who purchase my art enjoy the real life stories which inspired the work. I do the work I want to do, and if at the completion…

Richard Salcido – Artist Bio

27 Aug 2013, Posted by silverqueen in General

After showing his first collection of work it quickly became apparent that Richard Salcido’s portraits were going to be a huge success. Living in Southern California, Richard Salcido is surrounded by a mix of cultures. If you follow his work, you’ll see how he blends society, youth and faith into his portraits. Upon seeing his work for the very first time, some people are immediately captivated by the intensity of each portrait and struggle to look away. Others are taken by their rebellious nature and find them disturbing. Whatever the case, Richard Salcido’s work is compelling and often creates dialogue amongst those who see his pieces. In his studio, a friend once asked Richard why he kept a stack of…

Memento Mori / the art of Bronzadermy

19 Feb 2013, Posted by silverqueen in General

Memento Mori Popular belief says the phrase originated in ancient Rome: As a Roman general was parading through the streets during a victory triumph, standing behind him was his slave, tasked with reminding the general that, although at his peak today, tomorrow he could fall, or — more likely — be brought down. The servant is thought to have conveyed this with the warning, “Memento mori“.   Silver Bull “Malachi” 21″ x 19″ x 12″  wall mountable  (Edition size, 50) $2100.00 With the tumultuous power of fire and the enduring strength of bronze, each Memento Mori sculpture is handcrafted to last a lifetime. The Limited edition bronze sculptures are totems that serve as a reminder of the creative ingenuity of…

King Midas Sundance Film Festival sneak peek

10 Jan 2013, Posted by silverqueen in General

Sundance is nearly here and King Midas is excited to share his must see films of 2013.  Midas has quite an active nightlife, making appearances around the Park City social scene, advocating for his favorite charity Friends of Animals Utah, and of course reviewing the latest creations from both the art and film worlds.  Last Year, Midas picked 7 award winners before the start of the festival including his cherished favorite “The Sessions ” which took home the special jury prize for the best ensemble cast.   Sundance Film Festival in its 32nd year, has Midas in a feline frenzy of anticipation.  This year Midas is once again willing to share his unique perspective on 6 films that will dazzle festival…

Creatrix by Grant Fuhst

07 Jan 2013, Posted by silverqueen in General

“Creatrix” is the newest creation by Grant Fuhst.  It is a continuation of his series of “gargoyles,” and is a splendid example of Grants’ dynamic creative energy.  “Creatrix” includes a “Creatrix Baby” that nestles inside the larger piece.       Grant is a self-taught mixed media artist living in Salt Lake City, Utah. His “gargoyles” are created from various materials, including pieces from models, doll faces, mechanical elements and gadgets, and more. He has shown his work in New York, Las Angeles, San Fransisco, and several galleries through out Utah.

King Midas celebrates his birthday!!

25 Dec 2012, Posted by silverqueen in General

Yes, its that time of the year again.  No, not Christmas, it’s King Midas’ birthday!  Park City’s famous and beloved feline decided to celebrate his special day with some delicious sushi from Park City’s hottest new sushi restaurant Sushi Blue. Happy Birthday Midas! Chef Stan Prepared one of Midas’ Favorites, “catfish!”                       Chef Stan   Sushi Blue is Park City godfather Bill Whites’ newest restaurant and the food is killer.  If you like sushi as much as King Midas then you’ll love Sushi Blue. They are open seven days a week from 11am-10pm, so make sure to check out this new Park City hotspot and tell them that King  Midas…

Two Brothers by R. Garth

23 Dec 2012, Posted by silverqueen in General

These boots were made for walking…albeit two very different paths.                         R. Garth loves his motorcycles and the wilder side of life. His brother the more pious of the two, led a quieter, more devout life.  Both boots feature unique and personal symbols that reflect the character and past of each brother.           The “straight” boot is a representation of the good brother, its features include a piggy bank, and the angel Moroni.         The crooked boot represents R. Garth and his untamed personality and lifestyle. It’s features include dueling rattlesnakes and gambling dice.     Visit us at the Silver Queen…