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R. Garth – Bronze Sculptures: Interview With The Artist

22 Oct 2013, Posted by silverqueen in General

R. Garth is bronze sculptor living in Arizona and whose work is on view and for sale at the Silver Queen Art Gallery in Park City, Utah. We recently had a chance to sit down with the artist and ask him about his work. This is what he had to say: If you had to describe your artwork to a stranger in just one or two sentences, how would you describe it? My art is strong and full of attitude. Immensely time consuming and detailed. The medium I choose is bronze casting. The people who purchase my art enjoy the real life stories which inspired the work. I do the work I want to do, and if at the completion…

Two Brothers by R. Garth

23 Dec 2012, Posted by silverqueen in General

These boots were made for walking…albeit two very different paths.                         R. Garth loves his motorcycles and the wilder side of life. His brother the more pious of the two, led a quieter, more devout life. ┬áBoth boots feature unique and personal symbols that reflect the character and past of each brother.           The “straight” boot is a representation of the good brother, its features include a piggy bank, and the angel Moroni.         The crooked boot represents R. Garth and his untamed personality and lifestyle. It’s features include dueling rattlesnakes and gambling dice.     Visit us at the Silver Queen…