Timberlyne a new adventure for Craig Davison

Timberlyne a new adventure for Craig Davison

01 Mar 2016, Posted by silverqueen in General
The Timberlyne collection is a new series of paintings by international painter Criag Davison. He is known for his shadow children but this series is much different featuring a child riding a buffalo.

Timberlyne is a new adventure with an unwritten story by Craig Davison. Craig has found international enthusiasm for his collection of Shadow Children. Within just months of having his work at the Silver Queen he became our number one selling painter and has held that position for the last three years. Craig’s work is nostalgic, captivating and thought provoking. His shadow children remind his collectors of a time when children could run, play and be free from the distractions, challenges and fear our children face today. The Shadow Children collection is also heavily influenced by pop culture icons and super hero characters.

Timberlyne is a new collection and  far different from his previous highly recognizable, Shadow Children series. Timberlyne is a creation from within the soul of the artist himself. You can see this series has a deep connection with the spirit of creation and the young mother earth. The child representing the youth of a civilization and the buffalo, a magical beast treasured by it’s inhabitants. This five image Timberlyne collection is being released to Craig’s enthusiasts differently than his Shadow Children collection. If you are familiar with his work please note that these images are in a much smaller edition. All but one image is being sold in editions of 9 instead of 150. Only one from each small edition has been reserved for Silver Queen Fine Art and the American market so don’t miss out. The details are listed below.

This limited edition print by Craig Davison features a young boy crowned as the king and mounted on the back of a buffalo.

Timberlyne by Craig Davison        Edition Size 75         Measuring 48″ x 29.5″      $2550.00.00
























“Timberlyne” is the first piece in this unique collection and the only image in the collection released to his collectors in an edition of 75 pieces. This series is special to the artist and he wanted to ensure his collectors who get one of these will realize what a precious treasure they have to enjoy for a lifetime. He also didn’t want to discourage those who couldn’t acquire one of the super small edition before they were snatched up so he kept the first piece and collection namesake to mid size edition so no one felt shut out.



“Timberlyne I” Edition Size 9 Measuring 48″ x 29.5″ $2,800.00

























“Timberlyne I” is a stunning image featuring a young child, boy or girl triumphantly riding atop the majestic and powerful buffalo. The buffalo is a sacred symbol to the entire Native American culture, they represent abundance, strength and  prosperity. His passenger, a young child, is a symbol of the youth of the primitive civilization.  As you can see the tree line behind them is cold and gray, a pallate that leads the viewer to see the two have left the winter forest, arriving in a clearing that will soon bloom with the life and bounty of a new spring season.


Timberlyne III is a limited edition painting of a child riding a stunning, majestic buffalo. The piece was created by Craig Davison.

Timberlyne III by Craig Davison      Edition Size 9      Measuring 48″ x 29.5″       $2,800.00
























The third image in the Timberlyne collection is a warmer piece featuring the coronation of the Timberlyne King. The majestic buffalo leading the young royal through the glowing rays of the sun.  Whether this piece represents the birth of a civilization or means something different to the viewer, we’ll let you be the judge.


Timberlyne VII by Craig Davison is a limited edition print of a boy riding on the back of a buffalo. The color palate of several shades of lovely soft cool blue create the illusion of rain.

Timberlyne VI by Craig Davison        Edition Size 9      Measuring 48″ x 29.5        SOLD OUT

























The seventh image in the Timberlyne collection portrays the essence of cool, dark rain. A feeling of something bad to come has settled in the eyes of the buffalo yet the young King moves forward showing no fear. Craig also used a pallet knife on much of the VI original painting visually setting this piece out from the others in this collection.

This limited edition print of a boy riding on the back of a buffalo was created by Craig Davison. The color palate is a somber mix of grey to purple tones. The boy is wearing a fur hat with horns sticking out of each side.

Timberlyne VII by Craig Davison        Edition Size 9       Measuring 48″ x 29.5″     SOLDOUT

























Timberlyne VII conveys a sense of triumph, nobility and pride as the young King presents his staff to all creation. In this piece you get a side view of the buffalo seeing how tall his back stands, exalting the tiny king. The gray and lavender palate contrasts with the golden tones in his crown creating an aurora of heavenly guidance and protection.

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