Trent Manning’s 2016 Collection

21 Feb 2016, Posted by silverqueen in General
Waiting by Trent Manning is a mixed media sculpture created from found objects, wood, clay, metal, burlap, and a vintage child sized wood chair. It features a larger male character holding a younger female character in his lap. There is a somber even macabre feeling this sculpture delivers to the viewer. It's captivating and thought provoking. The color pallet used also creates a presence of an era gone by creating a nostalgic presence.

January 10th The Manning Family journeyed from their home in Florida across country to deliver Trent Manning’s 2016 collection to Park City. Six months earlier when Trent started work this body of work we assumed he’d be shipping them like his other works in the past. Little did I know that he and his family had never seen snow before and after a few conversations we both decided driving them out would be the best. Thankfully we’ve had excellent snowfall this year and they were in for a special treat.

For those of you who’ve followed Trent’s work since his debut in Park City last Sundance you already know how his one-of-a-kind pieces are in such high demand. In the first two days of the ten day festival (2015) the Silver Queen sold every piece in the collection. This year Trent returned with a thirty-two piece collection that was equally as embraced by our worldwide film and industry crowd.

If you’ve haven’t met Trent or observed his work, each piece possesses a nostalgic yet contemporary quality. He forms these avant-garde creations from a story he’s heard or a situation in his life. From there he allows the found objects, clay, wood, stains and acrylic paint take the lead. Some of his works come together pretty quickly and others can take months to finish.

A Florida native he, his wife Daphne and daughter Harlow live a colorful life. Working  together in the studio Harlow has already become a talented artist herself, selling works with her dad at shows. In a world where most families spend their days apart the Manning’s experience the majority of their time together. They go to the same movies, work out together, cook and always eat as a family.

People will often ask me “How do you find your artists?” Working in this industry for nearly twenty-five years I rarely bring new artists into the Silver Queen unless they totally blow me away. Bringing a new artist in means letting another go; we have such limited space in the gallery.
Three years ago one of our former team members Dustin returned from a trip to Florida. A few days later a sculpture he purchased arrived and he had to show it off; he knew Trent’s work was perfect in the gallery. Not more than an hour later I contacted Trent and asked if we could host a show for him during Sundance. After waiting two years our first packages arrived and we found instant success. Many of our collectors and the staff have fallen in love with his whimsical yet sometimes grim little creations.
If you’d like to see more of his work make sure to visit our Silver Queen Fine Art website for his available sculptures.

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